Taunton Flower Show


The Branch display has been awarded at least a Gold medal every year since 2004 and a selection of photographs from some of the displays is shown below. (Click on an image to enlarge it in a new window.)




In Olympic year:

(Images from the other medal challenge)

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2011 - yet another!


Photo Chris Hayes

After the show, the Display has to be cleared as quickly as possible:

Careful - or it’s sunset for Hummel!

There was a plant in this pot when I picked it up!

To the right we have these…

…and to the left, these.

Photos Phil Hocking


2009 - Gold Again!


2007 - Gold Again




Another Gold

çBarry Reid with Branch member Doreen and Exeter Branch member Peter Sparks



Branch Secretary Barry Reid checks over the sales table



ç Detail of the display with Gold certificate